by Muhammad Akbar Zikri*

What is artificial intelegence?
Artificial intellegence is a theory and development of computer system that able to perform task that normaly require human intelegence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translation between language. Nowadays we can find A.I everywhere because human started rely on A.I (siri on iphone, google translate and so on).

Human create Artificial Intelegence to do task from human, a lecturer perhaps need over 40 years to reading 10.000 essay but Artificial intelegence can read a million essay just in a minute, it means artificial intelegence can help human to solve a problem that human need long time to find a sollution, imagine in the future human using Artificial intelegence to solve economic problem? Or to find a cure for cancer and hiv/AIDS? On february 2018 nissan try to use Artificial Intelegence as a taxi driver, it just matter of time before they use Artificial intelegence as taxidriver for public, when it happens it will help to decrease crime rate, a new study from brookings institute reports that about a quarter of all jobs in the U.S are at high risk being replaced by A.I, wich mind A.I already help human to decrease human death caused by occupation rate, wonderfull?

Like i already mention before that A.I help human a lot and has a magnificient potential, but every advantages has disadvanages also, and A.I products from google deep mind beat go world top player from korea, lee sedol, that is the first time he lose, most sadly is he lose to A.I, human creation itself, a quarter half of occupation is U.S at high risk being replaced by A.I, wich mean LOT OF HUMAN BEING FIRED FROM THEIR JOB, nowadays its debatable because several human think we have to stop the development of technology, but we cant, because we already rely on A.I. but yes human cant compete with A.I, why? A.I doesnt have ego, never complain, they can learn something faster than human, so who not interested to using A.I in order to raise their bussiness, if you keep trying to compete with A.I, forget it, we NEVER win compete with A.I.

We dont need to compete with A.I because we have something that A.I never have, why dont we just work together with A.I? machine have calculation we have understanding, machine have intruction we have purpose, machine have objectivity, we have passions, so we dont have to affraid of the development of technology, all we need to do is ENHANCE, keep learning and try to create something new with our passion.

*Students in ACCSESS English School,


For Zikri :
That's a very cool text, Zikri...

You're absolutely right....needless to compete with technology, but make technology to facilitate the achievement of progress.

One thing that we need to remember, however technology can help us, but technology will not be able to replace our position in many ways. Search and find what can not be replaced it to our lives continue meaningful.

Diana Bhakti Siregar.