Life is Like a Puzzle

Life is Like a Puzzle

Life is Like a Puzzle

Life is like a puzzle

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Life is like a puzzle that is complementary. When there are people who are less certain there are more people that Allah created to fulfill the enforcement of the law of Allahu on earth.

So from now on we have to be sure that we are part of the puzzle that has been installed with which one. Once someone arrives ... "Oohh this is my puzzle!" Let's do good deeds with him.

Those who come are not necessarily people who are according to our wishes.

Want him Muslim ... non-Muslim tiger ... maybe we become the door to the guidance of the people who come to us. We don't know

Maybe we are the door for people to emigrate like the case of a friend, who was instead asked for advice by someone who had hated him so far. Advice 'about his wife who chose to separate for others she just knew.

Godu could have chosen my friend, as part of the guidance door for him.
The door he emigrated.

Imagine if when someone is curcol ... my friend reacts negatively ... blames him.

"What did I say ... blah..bla ... blah ..."
So at that time, what he was doing was running away from religion.

So when there are people who want to repent, they want to emigrate, especially everyone, they don't accept him, then we are the part of the door that Allahu provides.
We just have to ... want to open the door or we will retract again like the other doors.

So what he felt was that he was a sinner ... not accepted ... so.

Maybe you need to be more egalitarian in any person model while still on the right path.
Because the speed of people in emigrating is not the same.

There is an experience emigrating a high school student who becomes a stranger among his friends.

Because I am tomboy I only have 1 culottes skirt that is the only thing. He doesn't have clothes that are really women. All jeans, skirts, only school skirts. Old jeans and tops all hem. So you can say whatever he only has. In the new condition of emigrating ... the time 'must be complained to parents to replace all with new ones. If we are in that position, maybe we should keep strengthening the intention to improve. Not justification blames people who don't want to accept.

As someone who is nearby ... if we do zoo with someone's incomplete migration ... it will get worse.
"Ah, I don't want to join with the spiritists. I just make it wrong."
Even though maybe Allahu has chosen us as the entrance for him to get His blessing. We are so arrogant who refuse ... even though we are not necessarily better.

Once again ... the speed of people in emigrating is not the same ... some are fast, some are slow ... the change takes time.

Changes in attitude are not like turning your palm.

Some even don't change. Like character. Umar who was hard, firm and courageous in the era of ignorance also became Umar who was hard, firm and brave after Islam.

Everything needs a process. Not necessarily the soft one is seducing better than hard later.

Everyone wants to be good, whoever it is.

Maybe we need to learn to understand people in the migration process. There must be something strange ... some are still good ... some are still not perfect in appearance ... it's just not yet arrived at the point of understanding and stabilization. But the point is, everyone wants to be good.

When someone understands by itself he will change everything. Just to get to that point ... as someone nearby, that's the way to reward our patience to accept and guide ... can't be forced as fast as we want.

Forced often, what he was doing was getting stronger and sharpened the rich 'razor blade'. Who ripped apart our hearts too. And ... it often makes our hearts tired ... even destroyed ... because maybe a good relationship is far away.

When we empathize with someone else's incomplete migration, we are calmer and don't see people from their shortcomings.
That makes people feel more protected than being blamed '...

Remember ... life is like a puzzle ... if something is missing ... there must be something more ... to complement each other.

Wallahu Allah Bishawab

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