Love Triangle Ends Death And Prison

Love Triangle Ends Death And Prison

Love Triangle Ends Death And Prison

" Love Triangle Ends Death and Prison "

The Head of Asahan Police Resort AKBP Faisal F.Napitupulu SIK,MH with MS and S.

The Asahan Police (Polres Asahan) Unit of Jahtanras Sat Reskrim arrested Mahyarudin Siregar (35), the murderer of the love triangle, in hiding in the river area of ??the palm oil plantation in Rokan Hulu Regency, Riau Province, Friday (7/12), after escaping for four days with his girlfriend.

"The motive for this murder case was due to a love triangle, where the victim's wife cheated on the victim. When arrested, the suspect resisted the members so that they were given firm and measurable actions on their feet," said Asahan Police Chief AKBP Faisal F Napitupulu,SIK,MHaccompanied by AKP Ricky Pripurna Atmaja when holding press conference at the Asahan police station on Saturday (12/08).

Information gathered, the murder took place on Monday (3/12) then, in Hamlet XI, Aek Village, Buntu Pane Village, Buntu Pane District, Asahan District.

At that time the victim named Rudi Selamat (45) with his child Novi went to the rented house of the offender to find the victim's wife named Susilawati.

The victim found the perpetrator then got into a fight and a fight. The child of the victim who witnessed the fight saw the perpetrator hit his father in the head with a sharp weapon. The victim then tried to escape and came out of the house.

The perpetrator continued to pursue the victim so that the victim fell down in the front ditch of the house and thrashed sharp weapons repeatedly into his body, so the victim died at the scene.

The perpetrator then pursued Novi the victim's child while threatening to kill him. Novi managed to escape. The suspect and his wife's wife then escaped and took the victim's motorcycle.

The Jahanras Satreskrim Unit Officer in Asahan District who received information about the whereabouts of the suspect and the wife of the victim in the Rohan Hulu Regency of Riau, immediately pursued. Officers secured the wife of the victim who was in the house of the suspect's brother in the Sub-District of Kepenuh Hulu in Riau's Rokan Hulu Regency.

But the suspect is not at the location. The clerk then chased the suspect into the oil palm plantation area and arrested him while hiding in the river. But the suspect resisted so that he was given strict and measurable actions at the foot.

Asahan Police Chief AKBP Faisal F. Napitupulu, S.I.K., M.H. said the motive for this murder case originated from the problems of the victim's household.

Of the M-S suspects, Faisal continued, confiscated evidence of a knife used by the suspect, 2 mobile units and one motorcycle belonging to the victim.

"The victim's wife was also named a suspect for helping suspects and escaping property belonging to the victim. The two suspects will be charged with Article 340, a subsidiary of Article 339 of the Criminal Code, with a life sentence," Faisal concluded. * RL